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chicken eggsThe main reason most people start raising their own chickens is for the fresh healthy eggs. The health and well-being of your flock have a direct impact on egg production. Here are a few tips to make sure that you get a steady supply of eggs.

Keep the Chicken Coop Clean

Cobwebs, dust, dirt, and broken eggs harbor bacteria, including salmonella. This can infect your eggs, and even cause your chickens to become sick.

Reduce Stress

Chickens that are not overly-stressed are more resistant to infections. Maintain a routine, and avoid disturbances as much as possible. Chickens naturally avoid contact with things they are not familiar with, even unfamiliar human scent.

Clean Feed and Water

Except for necessary maintenance, the supply of water and feed must not be interrupted. Even when the chicken can make do with yesterday’s water, the water supply should preferably be as clean and uncontaminated as possible.

Adequate Space

Hens need 4 to 5 square feet in space to move around. When hens are crowded, disturbances between them occur that leads to pecking and fighting, interfering with egg production.

Secure From Predators

Make sure that the chicken house is secured from other animals, and even unfamiliar people like neighborhood kids.

Collect All Eggs Promptly

Depending on the number of chickens, collect eggs at least once or twice each day.

Handle Eggs Properly

Eggs must be handled carefully to prevent cracks. Wash, dry and refrigerated them if you do not plan to eat them soon.

Do Not Feed Broken Eggs to the Chickens

Doing so will develop a bad habit and they may start pecking at eggs. Instead, clean the chicken house of all residue of broken eggs and dispose of it immediately.

Minimize use of Pesticides and Harsh Cleaners

Only use pesticides and harsh chemical when necessary, and only in ways that won’t harm your birds or egg production.

These guidelines should help keep your flock healthy and content, and producing a steady supply of high quality chicken eggs for you and your family to enjoy.